Sonic Lamb Headphones with 4 Audio modes : Perfect for all type of music

Sonic Lamb Headphones is a high-fidelity headphone that employs a separate, proprietary driver that translates audio information into mechanical impulses, turning the special earpads into a simulated diaphragm that enables listeners to physically experience the music.

Key Features of Sonic Lamb Headphones

Sound Quality

Thus, the assertion that these are the first headphones in the world with patented hybrid driver acoustics—a technology that combines air and body conduction—is made. especially the conduction of bone.Not as much as with headphones, and not to be mistaken with dynamic drivers, which are inherently lower on the headphone driver technology hierarchy.
A hybrid sub-woofer unit and a dynamic audio driver are combined in each ear of the Sonic Lamb headphones. Bass and lower frequencies are therefore treated in the same manner as mid and high frequencies by audio drivers, which reproduce them by air conduction. Because of this, headphones frequently have a closed-box sensation to them and the bass booms directly into your eardrums.

Audio Modes

Four audio settings are available for the headphones

BEAST mode :

A setting that allows you to hear gunfire and rumble that your headphones would not normally be able to recreate for the best possible gaming and movie experience.

IMMERSE mode :

A setting that is excellent for bass-heavy genres like trance, hip hop, rap, and more and where the sub-woofer is really noticeable to bass heads.

FEEL mode :

This mode works well for a variety of musical genres where the sub-woofer is activated.

HEAR mode :

Perfect for use with audio books, podcasts, calls, and meetings; also great for gentle music like instrumental and classical music.

The button on the right earcup allows users to switch between different settings.


Bluetooth 5.1, which offers 24-bit resolution and 48kHz sample rate, can be used to connect the headphones. Their wireless range is up to 15 meters when utilized outside and in a straight line of sight.

The Sonic Lamb headphones also have a detachable boom microphone, two integrated microphones, a digital audio interface, and the capacity to connect to two Bluetooth devices at once.

Battery Life of Sonic Lamb Headphones

A 1,400 mAh battery powers these wireless headphones, and charging takes 2 hours.

Music Playback time

Maximum 7 hours in BEAST mode, Max 10 hours in IMMERSE mode, Max 14 hours in FEEL mode, Max 24 hours in HEAR mode

Maximum 24 hours of calling time whereas standby time is 140 hours

The headphone charges and plays music without using its battery when it is connected to a USB media device using the included USB-C cable. Use time may be reduced according on the Codec and usage circumstances.


The Sonic Lamb Headphone is a big, luxurious headphone that cradles your ears in incredibly cozy ear cushions. Although the headbands are comfortable for extended listening sessions, in hot Indian weather they can get a little warm inside. The right ear cup contains the majority of the controls, including the mode control dial, volume control, and power. The ear cups are big.

Color Availability

It has been launched in three color options: Amber Grey, Moonstone White and Obsidian Black.

Additional Features

The headset has a cool white tone LED that blinks continuously while you stream music from a phone, tablet, or other device. This is because the Sonic Lamb Headphone shines a little bit too brightly when used in a completely dark or dimly lit room. Unfortunately, there is currently no method to dim or turn off this.

Users can further customize the headphones with the Sonic Lamb app to get the best possible listening experience. The software uses a two-minute hearing test to adjust sound profiles according to each user’s level of hearing sensitivity. The audio personalization feature, which adjusts sound based on the frequencies your ear can detect, is going to be the main attraction

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