JBL Tour Pro 2 Earbuds:A flawless audio experience with intelligent true wireless.

With the help of the renowned JBL Pro Sound and the JBL Tour Pro 2’s True Adaptive Noise Cancelling technology, you can tune out distractions and enjoy your favorite music or even the sound of quiet while on the go. You can also immerse yourself in amazing, spatial audio.

How is Sound Quality of JBL Tour Pro 2 Earbuds

Feel as though you are in a theater, at a performance, or in the studio recording music with your favorite artist when you immerse yourself in JBL Spatial Sound. Sound comes from almost anyplace around you, regardless of the source or the device you are playing from, thanks to this patented technology.

With JBL Headphones App, you can use Smart Ambient to enjoy your music and remain aware of the sounds around you. You can also modify the L/R balance and increase the volume of conversations by +15–20dB by using the Personal Sound Amplification button.

Does JBL Tour Pro 2 Earbuds has Noise Cancellation 

While you can adjust the ANC mode control using the JBL Headphones app, True Adaptive Noise Cancelling technology automatically uses four noise sensing microphones to adjust to your surroundings in real-time, minimizing distractions when you need to focus and maximizing the Tour’s performance for an enhanced audio experience.

Voice Control with 6-Mic Perfect Calls

The JBL Tour Pro 2 earphones’ 6-mic crystal call algorithm lets you use your favorite voice assistant for assistance or have better conversations—even in noisy or windy conditions. Additionally, VoiceAware allows you to adjust the amount of microphone input that is returned to your earbuds, so you may decide how much of your own voice to hear.

Battery life :Playback for Up to 40 Hours

Hear without boundaries. Enjoy Bluetooth playback for up to 10+30 hours, or up to 8+24 hours with True Adaptive Noise Cancelling is activated. Additionally, you may extend the battery life by 4 hours by using a 15-minute rapid charge when you need a boost.

Additional Features of JBL Tour Pro 2

Handle calls: With a single touch from the smart display charging case, you may answer or decline calls and mute your voice.

Adjust the audio mode: Turn on the spatial sound option to lose yourself in a sea of sound that is coming from all directions depending on Movie, Music etc.

Make a calm bubble: Traveling with SilentNow allows you to enjoy beautiful naps by creating a silent bubble that is created when you turn on ANC and deactivate Bluetooth. Set the duration and modify the start time. The alarm sound will wake you up.

Conserve battery life:To turn off the sound when taking out your earbuds, turn on Auto Play&Pause. Re-installing your earbuds will bring up the audio. You will save time and battery life in this manner by keeping track of what you are listening to.

Find Your Lost bud: The misplaced earbuds will make a loud noise when the Find my Buds feature is engaged. This will enable you to find the missing piece quickly.

An Integrated Smart Case: Without taking out your phone, you can manage calls and playback, adjust the earbuds’ settings, check the audio and battery life, and set an alarm. You can control your JBL Tour Pro 2 earbuds without taking out your phone thanks to its special smart charging case. Additionally, you can upload your own photographs to customize the screen saver!

Without requiring you to glance at it, the Tour Pro 2 smart display notifies you when you receive a message on your phone!

Customize Your Listening Experience: Make your life’s music uniquely your own. To tweak EQ, enable Adaptive Noise Cancelling, change the ambient sound control or ANC level, and determine your ideal fit, simply download the free JBL Headphones app. Touch customization allows you to adjust the behavior of the headphones, change the sound output to audio or video to maximize the use of your content, select your favorite voice assistant, and do a lot more.

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