Nu republic Transform-X earbuds Standout 60 hours battery backup, loud bass, fast charging

Nu republic Transform-X earbuds is sure to turn heads with its alluring design and captivating LED lights on the casing. It’s the ideal TWS because to its X-Bass technology, long battery life, and ear-vibrating sound tailored for gaming.

How is the Sound quality of Nu republic Transform-X earbuds ?

Chest-thumping bass is made possible by 13mm neodymium drivers, micro woofers, and Nu Republic’s exclusive X-Bass technology.

How is the calling on Nu republic Transform-X earbuds

Transform X provides a high-quality phone experience. Stereo mode is supported by Transform-X for both music and calls. Therefore, sound can be heard in both ears.

Can I listen to music on Nu republic Transform-X earbuds as a single earbud?

Yes You can. Use the second earbud while placing one inside the case.

How is the Bluetooth connectivity in Nu republic Transform-X earbuds ?

Transform-X work best with BT version 5.3. They do, however, also support cellphones that have Bluetooth v4.2. When there are no obstructions, the BT range is 10 meters.

Nu republic Transform-X earbuds are compatible with Google Assistant/Siri ?

Yes You can make use of Google Assistant and Siri.

How is the battery backup of Nu republic Transform-X earbuds?

With a standby time of up to 250 hours, Transform-X can be played with for 60 hours. Transformer can be used for 150 minutes of playback on a one 15-minute charge.

Nu republic Transform-X earbuds are compatible with i-phone ?

Yes, they work with iPhones.

Nu republic Transform-X earbuds are compatible with Android phone ?

Yes, they are compatible with Android i-phone.

Are Nu republic Transform-X earbuds waterproof?

Transform-X earbuds are waterproof up to IPX4. To preserve their long life, the buds must be fully dry before being reinserted into the casing.

How can I switch on and off Nu republic Transform-X earbuds?

When you open the charging case, the earbuds will automatically turn on, and when you put them inside and close the top, they will immediately switch off.

How can you connect  smartphone to Nu republic earbuds?

Make sure the earbuds are charged before you begin. Slide the charging case open. Activate your device’s Bluetooth and navigate to the BT menu. Select Nu RepublicTransformer from the list of devices after choosing Add device. You may now pair and utilize your Nu Republic Transformer earbuds. Note: As soon as you open the case, Transformer will immediately establish a connection with the most recent linked device.

How Can Nu republic Transform-X earbuds be Reset?

Make sure the earbuds and case are completely charged before resetting. Go to the BT menu on your paired devices and remove Nu Republic Transformer from the list of paired devices. Remove the earbuds from the charging case. Hold down both earbuds for five seconds.. Restart the pairing procedure after keeping both earphones into the charging case.

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